“My favourite activity was Gorge Walking.  This activity meant that we had to use teamwork and helped me to gain new friends in our group. The trip as a whole helped me to gain knowledge of the environment and improve my confidence.  It was great fun.” 

[Amir, Yr8]

9 May 2017

Year 8 Outward Bound Trip

“It isn’t so much a matter of doing something dangerous; as being a master of that danger.” 

Sir Chris Bonington – Mountaineer

The time is 09:45 on a sunny Sunday morning, and 13 of our Year 8 pupils are waiting patiently for the coach to pick them up and whisk them away to Ullswater in the Lake District, for a 5 day residential with Outward Bound.  Miss Deane, Mr Hewston and myself are accompanying the trip, and like the students, we have no idea what the week has in store for us.  We are joined on our coach by staff and students from Cockburn High School who are also attending the trip.  Instantly, the two groups of students start to make friends.  Two hours, a services break and some breath-taking scenery later we arrive at The Howtown Centre; one of two Outward Bound Trust sites on Ullswater.  This is our home, and base for the next five days.

Once we arrived at the site, we were greeted by our team of leaders and course directors for the week.  The students were split into teams and given a leader that would be with them for the whole course.  The first task, and possibly the most challenging for some students, was to make their beds and sort their rooms out.  Once this was finished, and we’d had our lunch, it was time for the fun to begin.

The aims for the course were to ‘Make new friends’, ‘Broaden your horizons’, ‘Create new experiences’, and ‘Gain confidence’.  It was very apparent throughout the week that every student (and staff member) had achieved all of those aims in some way.  Although there were two schools on this trip, it felt like one group that had known each other for years, which was amazing to see, and made the trip an enjoyable one for all involved.  I started this article with a quote from Sir Chris Bonington; a mountaineer that at the age of 82 is still an active climber and is known for his many expeditions to the Himalayas including four climbs of Mount Everest and the first ever ascent of the south face of Annapurna; and this became my group’s mantra throughout the week.

This ‘Leeds Initiative’ trip was an amazing opportunity provided in partnership with Leeds Rhinos and Evans Property Group as a way of providing experiences to pupils that may not be given the opportunities.  The Outward Bound Trust are celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year, and this is testament to the great work that they do in teaching young people the wonders of getting “out and about” and trying something new, that isn’t necessarily something that you are comfortable doing.  More information about what they do can be found on their website: www.outwardbound.org.uk

 Mr Dainter

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 The students got to do so many activities throughout the course.  Here are some of their favourites:




"I enjoyed so many of the activities that we got to do, but my favourite was definitely the rock jumping.  The most valuable part of the trip for me was not only making new friends from a different school, but talking to people and making friends from Roundhay as well.  I feel that I achieved everything that course set out to teach me, and that was by giving everything a try and making the most of the course.  I really enjoyed it.”

[Katie, Yr 8]



“On our last day we went rock jumping which involved jumping off a high rock into the lake.  This helped me get over my fear of open water.  On the whole, the trip helped me gain confidence and make new friends.”

[Asmi, Yr 8]