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Read 6

Reading at KS5

In the Sixth Form we continue to prioritise reading. Every student in Y12 takes part in the sixth form reading programme, Read 6. The programme aims to foster a love of reading by providing dedicated time for reading and book talk and a chance to gain confidence in reading comprehension.

All students read one text each half term in their supported study sessions. These sessions are delivered by our Senior Tutors who are passionate about reading and have excellent relationships with the students. The tutors work closely with the reading team to ensure that the reading sessions delivered are of an excellent quality.

Each half term’s text is chosen because of its relevance to our students. For example, in half term 3 students read a chapter from Mae Martin’s book, Can Everyone Please Calm Down: a guide to 21st century sexuality. To ensure that reading is accessible to all students, tutors make use of the whole school reading strategy: before, during, after. In addition, students are taught a comprehension strategy each half term and practice this independently. These strategies include scanning to choose a text, summarising the big ideas and making connections to the text. In every session, reading is following by a discussion of the themes in the text. Students enjoy discussing issues and this demonstrates the importance of reading to enhancing debate.

There are three levels to the Read 6 Challenge, bronze, silver and gold.  As well as asking all Y12 students to read six texts in the year (bronze), students are encouraged to achieve gold or silver in the Read 6 challenge by reading additional texts each half term.

To encourage aspirational reading, lunchtime drop-in reading groups are held every fortnight.  Students also have free access to the Hodder educational magazines in a wide range of A level subjects.  These are promoted through personal development as stretch opportunities and also through the curriculum.

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