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Useful Mobile Phone Apps

If you want to improve mindfulness and keep better track of your feelings, there are plenty of helpful apps you can use.

Calm Harm

Calm Harm is an app designed to help people resist or manage the urge to self-harm, allowing you to choose different activities to soothe and distract you instead. Due to the sensitive information it deals with, the app is private and password protected.

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Catch It

Learn how to better manage anxiety with Catch It, a CBT-based app developed by the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester. The app will teach you how to look at problems in a different way, turn negative thoughts into positive ones and improve your mental wellbeing.

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My Possible Self

Take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the My Possible Self mental health app. You can use the simple learning modules to manage fear, anxiety and stress and tackle self-defeating thinking, recording your experiences and symptoms.

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Stress & Anxiety Companion

Stress & Anxiety Companion helps you handle stress and anxiety on the go, teaching you different breathing exercises and offering relaxing music and games designed to calm the mind.

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