Year 7 Questionnaire 2017


Year 7 Questionnaire : Wasted Years

Name of your Primary School?

Please select the option that applies to you for each question below:

The work I am doing in Year 7 is the same as the work I was doing in primary school, for:






My work in Year 7 is to easy?*

Which subjects do you find easy and why?*

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My Year 7 teachers give me clear feedback on how to improve and make progress in my work

In which subjects do you get the most useful feedback on your written work and why? *

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For the questions below please select the option that applies to you.

I am often involved in reviewing my own work and in setting my own targets.*

Lessons are interesting and often fun.*

I learn something new in lessons.*

The teacher always expects me to listen actively, work hard and give of my best. *

I am encouraged to ask questions and show curiosity.*

I find it easy to ask the teacher when I need help*

I am trusted and encouraged to do things for myself.*

What are the best things about your lessons?*

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If you could change one thing about your lessons, what would that be?*

I am set homework in my subjects.*

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