Key Stage 3 Assessment

As a result of the Government removing National Curriculum levels in Key Stages 2 and 3, schools have had to develop their own systems of tracking pupil attainment and progress. At Roundhay School we have introduced a system whereby pupil attainment is assessed regularly in each subject against the appropriate national curriculum content. This assessment will let us know whether a pupil is working at the ‘age related expectations’ in that subject area. A pupil’s attainment will fall into one of the following five criteria:

  • Significantly exceeding age related expectations
  • Exceeding age related expectations
  • Meeting age related expectations
  • Working towards age related expectations.
  • Not meeting age related expectations

Throughout year 7 pupils were continually assessed against age related expectations. At the end of year 7, all pupils completed an end of year assessment in all subjects, so that we had an accurate, evidenced based judgment of their attainment. This judgment forms a baseline (starting point) for the pupils in year 8 and allows us not only to monitor attainment at regular intervals, but also progress.

Download the letter sent home on the 20th October