Accelerated Reader

As part of our commitment to encouraging reading for pleasure and improving reading achievement at Roundhay, our year 7 students are using the Accelerated Reader programme to monitor their progress in reading over the school year and encourage them to find books that they can enjoy. Some year 8 and 9 pupils are also enrolled on the programme to support their reading.

Accelerated Reader is a programme that measures a student’s reading level and matches them with books at a suitable level. Once the pupil has read their book, they will take a quiz to assess their understanding of the book they have read. The pupil gets immediate feedback on their attainment. We offer a range of rewards and incentives for excellent progress on Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Most popular children’s books are on the Accelerated Reader programme so your child can select from the wide range of books in our school library. Students wishing to look up titles that are part of the Accelerated Reader programme can search through over 25,000 books on Each pupil’s reading level (ZPD) is recorded on the front of their green Reading Record which they will bring home with them. Students use their Reading Record to log the books they have read and what they scored on their quizzes. 

Home Connect

Home Connect allows you to access information about your son/daughter’s progress in Accelerated Reader. Log in using your child’s username and password, which is found in their green Reading Record.