Pupils are expected to maintain high standards of dress and appearance at all times. All pupils are expected to wear school uniform, which is designed to be simple, suitable and smart.

 The wearing of a veil that covers the face, in school, is not acceptable.


All pupils must be wearing the following both inside and outside of the school building:

  • White school shirt (tucked in) with top button fastened.
  • School Blazer (sleeves should not be rolled up)
  • Black school trousers (tight trousers/leggings/black jeans are not acceptable). A black skirt can be worn.
  • Roundhay School tie (clipped on over the top button)
  • Black school shoes must be worn at all times.
  • A school jumper is optional.
  • No other items of clothing should be visible in the school building (including wearing of coats).


  • Piercings must be restricted to one stud per ear/ nose. No other visible piercings are allowed. For health and safety reasons, hoop ear or nose rings are not allowed.
  • Jewellery and make up must not be excessive.
  • We ask that when skirts are worn they sit at or just above the knee. A skirt that is above mid thigh is too short. Short skirts are not appropriate in a formal school setting.


This will include the following:

  • Calculator in Maths and Science
  • Correct kit in PE
  • Headphones in Music
  • Reading book
  • Purple pen (first purple pen provided by school)
  • Core Learning Plan (CLP) Folder in Year 7.


  • Chewing gum is not allowed on the school site
  • Pupils must not eat or drink on corridors
  • Water is the only drink allowed in lessons
  • No energy drinks are allowed on the school site
  • No technology (e.g. mobile phones, headphones) should be visible or heard at any time
  • Pupils who defy the uniform and appearance rules will be subject to the sanctions described in the Positive behaviour policy.

School Bags 

Pupils should have a sensible bag for bringing books and equipment to and from school. Pupils are encouraged to bring only what they need for each day to cut down the weight. 

 For  Physical Education 

  For winter/outdoor lessons:

  • Green and black Outdoor PE top, black shorts, black knee length football socks, Trainers, Football boots and shin pads are optional. (Black tracksuit bottoms may be worn for religious reasons with permission)
  • For summer/indoor lessons: White polo shirt, black shorts, black football socks, trainers

Roundhay School Uniform can be bought from : 

Rawcliffes Uniform Price List

Design School Uniform