School Dinners

Roundhay are very proud to have been awarded the Advanced Leeds Healthy Schools standard. This is in acknowledgement of the all round approach we have to equip our young people with the skills to lead a healthy and active life. Key to this is the food we serve at break and lunch times. Our catering service is provided by Chartwells and fully conforms to the current guidance from the “School Food Trust”.

Chartwells operate a Biometric Cashless catering system which allows students to purchase food and drink from the dining center without carrying cash and for free school meal allowances to be loaded anonymously. Parents or students can add money onto an account by either loading cash into loading machines in the dining room, or by using ParentPay, our online payments system.

Download a guide to the biometric payment system >>

Morning break service

A selection of breakfast items are served at morning break from 10.50 – 11.05. Biscuit, muffins and cakes are now only served at lunch times.

Example break time menu

Toast  25p 
Toasted Tea Cake 55p
Bacon Sandwich £1.15
Sausage Sandwich £1.15
Crumpet 45p each

Lunch service

Lunch is served from 12.10 and is divided into two sittings to enable pupils to easily acess the dining hall. Key stage 4 pupils attend first followed by key stage 3.

The menu is divided into three zones, ‘Home’, 'Fast ' and 'Go' . All zones offer a daily ‘Meal of the Day’ meal deal priced at £2.05. Menus rotate on a three week cycle and are changed every term in consultation with the student forum. Their are always vegetarian option available.  Click here for halal options: Secondary Menu (Halal)

Example ‘Home Zone’ meal deals

  • Minced Beef Pie or Veg Sausage Casserole with Yorkshire Pudding ( V )
  • Chicken Curry and Rice or Quorn Salsa Wrap (V )
  • Boiled or Creamed Potatoes
  • Jacket Wedges or Nann Bread
  • Carrots and Broccoli
  • Mixed Veg and Sweet corn
  • Rice Pudding
  • Marble Sponge Custard

Example ‘Go Zone’ meal deals

Wide Selection of Sandwiches fillings include Tuna, Cheese, Salad and Ham, Tea, Coffee & Cold drinks

In the ‘Go Zone’ students can also ‘Grab a Bag’ for £2.05. This is a packed Lunch containing a sandwich, a carton of juice/ water or a yogurt and a packet of two plain biscuits.

Example ‘Fast Zone’ meal deals

  • Cod Fishcake
  • Beef Burger in a Bun
  • Plain Jacket ( V )
  • Filled Jackets
  • Pasta King ( M ) and ( V )
  • Pick and Mix salad

In addition to the daily meal deals all zones serve a selection of salads, drinks and healthy snacks. A few examples would be:


Coleslaw (50oz) 55p 
Tuna salad, Pasta salad, Cheese salad (80oz) 95p
All potatoes, all veg 45p


Small bottle of water 50p 
Large bottle of water 60p
Fairtrade juice 55p

Packed Lunch

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have the option of eating their packed lunches under the covered picnic area in the courtyard, or along with years 8 to 11 who bring packed lunches into the dining centre where they have the opportunity to purchase supplementary items from any of the zones.

If you have any queries or comments about our catering provision please contact Doug Roberts, Services Manager 0113 3931200.