We monitor attendance closely, because, if our pupils don’t feel safe and happy at school, they may not come! At the moment our school attendance is over 95%, which is the best in the city. We have an attendance hotline, an attendance secretary and an attendance officer/mentor who works with pupils or parents who are experiencing difficulties.

The Behaviour and Safety of pupils at Roundhay was judged to be outstanding in our most recent OFSTED inspection (2013). 

  • We abhor bullying of any kind and work relentlessly with staff, pupils and parents to minimise it and ensure issues are resolved quickly and effectively;
  • We have a specific anti-bullying policy; if you would like more information, please contact Ms Parson;
  • There are CCTV cameras throughout the school;
  • We have a police “Safer Schools Liaison Officer” who works with us for one to two days per week;
  • Staff conduct a register check every lesson;
  • We have a range of CEOP trained staff in order to ensure our pupils are aware of the importance of e-safety;
  • Senior staff patrol the buildings during the day;
  • We do not allow pupils to leave school at break and lunchtimes (unless they genuinely go home for lunch);
  • We have 30 members of staff on duty at break and lunchtimes, all of whom wear personalised high-visibility jackets to aid identification;
  • We complete detailed risk assessments for all school trips and visits;
  • We have qualified first-aid staff in our reception area and our school nurse provides regular whole-school training for specific medical conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes;
  • All members of staff are DBS checked and we operate under the safer recruitment practices.

We encourage and expect positive behaviour from our students. A more detailed overview of strategies used to promote positive behaviour and to address negative behaviours and attitudes to learning can be found in our Secondary Campus Behaviour Policy.