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Love Roundhay represents our shared ambition to continue to celebrate Roundhay’s harmonious and diverse community through our lessons, through extracurricular events and through our actions with everybody.

We organise a number of cross curricular celebrations across the year to highlight our diverse backgrounds and shared values. We celebrate Black History in October, the Spice Cup in January, Music and Art Week in June and Love Roundhay in July.

Each July, we hold the Great Roundhay Picnic. This is a chance for children to come out of normal lessons and celebrate as a form. Each member of the form will bring food that they associate with a celebration at home and will wear clothes that they associate with a celebration.

We are always looking to find more ways of celebrating our diverse and harmonious community. We believe, like Jo Cox, that there is much more that unites us than could ever divide us. If you would like to contribute to our celebrations, please get in touch.


RT @RschCommunity: Thank you Jack and to everyone for their donations. We are lucky @RoundhaySchool @RSch_Science @RoundhayHead @LoveOakwoo

@RSch_Maths @RSch_class2024 Is there nothing that Miss J won’t try and take credit for!?! #beggingforpoints #upfortheroundhaycup

RT @RSch_Maths: Another day, another story of Eve from 7SJo being a model pupil @RSch_class2024 #bestpupilever #mustbetheformtutor #wearer

RT @RSch_History: Having a brilliant time at the second Great Roundhay Sleepover with APH, RWA, JGR and GHL! The children are being utterly…

And she backed it up with an awesome Maths project! #sheisroundhay

Amazing home learning from Eve from @RSch_class2024 #alwaysroundhay


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