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Junior Leadership Team

At Roundhay, we encourage pupils to engage in the wider life of school, and we support, develop and challenge them to be responsible, resilient and ready to learn. One of the ways they can do this is as part of the Junior Leadership Team. They are an elected body that acts as a bridge between pupils and the staff.

What do JLT do?

  • Decide pupil priorities for the year (Climate change and mental health in 2020).
  • Develop skills (attend Confident Communications workshops with TalktheTalk).
  • Discuss important issues with the Lord Mayor of Leeds at the annual Youth Summit in the Banqueting Suite in Leeds Civic Hall.
  • Raise awareness of and funds for the pupil-nominated charity (Young Minds 2020).
  • Lead assemblies on important issues (Climate 2020), visit Form groups and listen to ideas.

How can pupils get involved?

  • We encourage pupils to think about what they want to change and stand for. They should also speak to friends and adults for advice and different ideas.
  • They complete applications before taking part in hustings at special democracy assemblies where pupils share their views and ideas with their peers. Then, every pupil casts their vote to elect two representatives. These elections take place annually.
  • Lots of pupils work alongside the JLT in less formal ways, so you can still be involved. Not everyone wants to speak in assemblies – but we know you still have lots to say and great ideas. We want to hear them!


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