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Values & Ethos

Our mission statement, which forms the basis of our School Development Plan, is to develop learners that are responsible, resilient and ready to learn within a safe and caring environment:

‘There is no room for complacency anywhere in the school and both leaders and staff are unrelenting in their pursuit of excellence’ - Ofsted

"Roundhay School is all about its pupils and we will do 'whatever it takes' to ensure that each one reaches their potential. We will never put limits on what our pupils can achieve, regardless of background or circumstance. Our focus is on developing character, instilling confidence and a love of learning, whilst teaching the importance of kindness, manners and respect. We want all our pupils to be 'recognisably Roundhay', making a positive contribution to school life, continuing to learn and develop for the rest of their lives.

We are responsible. We are resilient. We are ready to learn. We are Roundhay."

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