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All pupils must be wearing the following both inside and outside of the school building:


  • White school shirt (tucked in) with top button fastened.
  • School Blazer (sleeves should not be rolled up).
  • Black school trousers (tight trousers / leggings / black jeans are not acceptable).  A black skirt can be worn
    which must be of an appropriate length for a formal school setting (skirts must be below mid-thigh in length).
  • Roundhay School tie (clipped on over the top button).
  • Black school shoes, and not trainers, must be worn at all times.
  • A school jumper is optional.
  • No hair colour judged by the school to be extreme. 
  • A single stud in each ear is allowed and NOT loop or drop earrings. 
  • No nose rings but one stud is permitted.  
  • No necklaces should be visible outside the white school shirt / tie.  
  • PLEASE NOTE:  all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. 
  • No other items of clothing should be visible in the school building (including the wearing of coats).


We are aware that there are always a range of opinions when it comes uniform within school and with such a large school community it is not always possible that everyone will agree.  However, we are proud that our school has such incredibly high expectations, which has translated into some phenomenal exam results and a friendly and purposeful atmosphere, alongside external recognition such as ‘World Class School’ status.  I really appreciate your support in ensuring that your daughter or son comes to school looking incredibly smart as this is vital and very much appreciated.

We also appreciate that children grow so quickly and for some families the cost of uniform can be a challenge.  We have spare uniform in school so, if you need support, you can contact and type the word UNIFORM along with the name(s) of your child / children who attend this school.  We can then arrange a time for you to come to school when it suits you.


  • Piercings must be restricted to one stud per ear/ nose. No other visible piercings are allowed. For health and safety reasons, hoop ear or nose rings are not allowed and you will be required to remove them.
  • Jewellery and make up must not be excessive.

The above is not an exhaustive list of uniform requirements, and may also be open to change in light of evolving fashions and pupil choices. These expectations will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and communicated with pupils/parents if and when required. School uniform decisions (including hair, make-up, jewellery, clothing and footwear) are primarily made on the basis of what is considered ‘appropriate for a formal school setting’. The definition of this is entirely at the discretion of the Headteacher: opinions regarding school uniform are often polarised and, as such, there is no requirement to secure consensus or agreement; decisions therefore will not be open to negotiation or debate. All decisions sit within the overarching principles set by the Governing Body and the statutory and legal position set by the Department for Education.


This will include the following:

  • Calculator in Maths and Science
  • Correct kit in PE
  • Headphones in Music
  • Reading book
  • Apron for Catering/Food
  • Purple pen (first purple pen provided by school)
  • Core Learning Plan (CLP) Folder in Year 7 and 8


  • Chewing gum is not allowed on the school site
  • Pupils must not eat or drink on corridors
  • Water is the only drink allowed in lessons
  • No energy drinks are allowed on the school site
  • No technology (e.g. mobile phones, headphones) should be visible or heard at any time

Pupils who defy the uniform and appearance rules will be subject to the sanctions described in the Positive Behaviour policy.


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