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KS3 Curriculum

Our ambitious Key Stage 3 curriculum is broad, balanced, and coherently planned to revise and develop the core knowledge and skills covered in Key Stage 1 and 2 as well as preparing the pupils for Key Stage 4 and beyond.

Our carefully constructed, well-taught curriculum leads to our students knowing more, remembering more, and doing more, throughout all of their subjects. Alongside this, we are proud of our enrichment and character curriculum all of which ensures, over time, that our children become Responsible, Resilient, and Ready to learn and ultimately Recognisably Roundhay.

All pupils study the full National Curriculum and they will all study either French or Spanish.  From Year 8 a cohort who have shown an aptitude for this language are able to study both within the same curriculum time for Languages, and the curriculum is structured to enable them to study dual languages at GCSE and A-Level if they wish to do so.

At Roundhay, we pride ourselves in doing what is right for the pupil and our curriculum ensures pupils embed solid foundations for their future studies.  In Year 9 all pupils continue to study English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, PE, PSHE and the vast majority one or two Languages (see below).

Alongside this core, all pupils experience a broad curriculum with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wider variety of subjects that they may be considering for KS4.  Having delivered the National Curriculum content in the other foundation subjects during Years 7 and 8, the programme of study involves a broader range of subject areas: Art; Catering and Food; Drama; Media and Film; Product Design; Business and Enterprise; Computing and IT; Health and Social Care; Music; Textiles.  This is not the start to any KS4 qualifications, but it does provide a foundational knowledge for future study, enabling pupils to make more appropriate decisions about which subjects to study at KS4 when they select them later in the year (as confirmed through pupil voice).  This model offers the opportunity to go beyond the scope of the National Curriculum and because of the experiences it offers.  As a result we have seen a rise in the number of girls choosing subjects such as Computing, whilst there has also been a rise in boys choosing subjects such as Health and Social Care.

A small cohort of pupils (currently about 10%) are given the opportunity to start a qualification in Year 9, ending their KS3 Language curriculum at the end of Year 8.  This early experience and opportunity of KS4 assessment helps them to see the direct benefits of their efforts, preparing them for the full demands of KS4 study from Year 10.  Further information is provided below.

KS4 Curriculum

We believe that all pupils should study a broad, rich curriculum as well as achieve success in their examinations and tests. Our curriculum remains as broad as possible for as long as possible, including a strong focus on personal development for all of our pupils. We passionately believe that all decisions should be made in the interests of pupils rather than league tables or overall performance measures.

At the heart of its design, all pupils are taught to be Responsible, Resilient, and Ready to Learn, and ultimately ‘Recognisably Roundhay’. The Key Stage 4 curriculum is underpinned by the studying of the EBACC subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, a Humanity and a Modern Foreign Language). Our ambition is that the vast majority of students will study each of these elements throughout Key Stage 4, though we accept it may not be suitable for everyone. Outside of the core curriculum (which also includes PE and PSHE), pupils are offered a range of courses.

In order to ensure we are ambitious for all our pupils, they are guided in the choices they make through a series of pathways.  We aim to guide pupils onto courses that we are confident they will be successful in and which will ultimately enable them to progress onto Post-16 study either at our Sixth Form or another provider. Whilst the pathway system is designed to assist pupils in making appropriate choices, we accept that for some pupils a more bespoke programme is needed, which may include selecting a subject that is not automatically available on their pathway. In each case, we review the choices made at an individual level to ensure that the overall programme is both enjoyable and ambitious for every pupil.

The “Red Pathway” (approximately 30% of pupils) offers pupils the opportunity to complete a GCSE course in one year (Year 10).  The specific courses on offer build on content pupils have developed during KS3 and the pupils on this pathway need to have demonstrated that they are consistently Ready to Learn and will therefore take full advantage of the opportunities on offer.  The pathway was designed in response to research, pupil voice and our experiences.  We are better able to meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of our pupils by enabling them to spread their assessment across the key stage.  In Year 11 they undertake independent study, supervised by a member of the teaching staff, to enable them to consolidate and deepen their subject knowledge in their wider set of qualifications.

The small cohort of pupils who started a course in Year 9 (see above) complete this in Year 10, again enabling them to spread their assessment across the key stage.  In Year 11 they receive additional tuition from subject specialists in English, Mathematics and Science with the aim of enabling them to achieve the grades they require to move into the school Sixth Form or to another Post-16 provider.

The other pathways (which represent the majority of the cohort) all give pupils the opportunity to study a range of qualifications, all of which will be completed at the end of Year 11. For some this will include additional tuition from subject specialists in English, Mathematics and Science with the aim of ensuring that they are fully prepared for the demands of Year 11 and the challenges of all their qualifications.

We are exceptionally proud of our curriculum and the consistently strong outcomes that it leads to for all of our pupils.

KS5 Curriculum

At Roundhay, our Sixth Form experience aims to inspire you to be the best you can be and ensures that all students are ready for their next stage and are going onto appropriate high-quality destinations. Our curriculum offers high academic challenges within a very supportive environment, where students become independent learners who are Responsible, Resilient and Ready to learn. We want all of our students to become ‘Recognisably Roundhay’. 

Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to develop employability skills and be ambitious for their future careers. The Sixth Form curriculum is ambitious for all students. It builds on the knowledge and skills of KS4 and stretches students to prepare them fully for future success. Students join us from varying starting points and must meet the academic entry requirements of each course as published in our latest prospectus. We offer a broad range of A-level courses and level 3 vocational courses. All students are additionally offered the opportunity to study the Extended Project Qualification and Core Maths. The entry requirements for all courses include grade 4 in both Maths and English Language, however, we run a resit opportunity for students who may wish to improve their grades. Progression is equally supported by our Enrichment programme and the range of experiences and opportunities provided to develop students’ career choices. This allows students to develop broader skills, including character and confidence that remains a priority at KS5. 

Through enrichment sessions, we explore how to become a successful independent learner, health and well-being, preparation for life in modern Britain and an extensive programme to support progression to university or employment. As part of the KS5 curriculum, all Sixth Form students take part in our Community Engagement Programme; supporting activities within the Roundhay community. We offer various activities in school including a Paired Reading Scheme, In-Class Support, Academic Mentoring and opportunities for Sports Leaders, Creative Performing Arts and opportunities at our Primary Campus. The final aspect of the KS5 curriculum is one week of work experience that is offered to all Y12 students in the summer term of Y12.


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Y13 results day - Thursday 15 August - results available from 8.30am from Clephan Hall

Y11 results day - Thursday 22 August - results available from 9am from Clephan Hall

Parent/Carer Wellbeing Event

Roundhay School Secondary Campus invites you to our Parent/Carer Wellbeing Event, which will take place on Wednesday 3rd July from 3-5pm. No need to book - drop in and get support and advice from a range of agencies to enable you to best support your child. Suitable for families with children in Years 7-12.


We are absolutely delighted to be able to inform you of the very successful outcome to our recent Ofsted Inspection (28 and 29 November 2023). Ofsted has judged Roundhay School & Sixth Form to be ‘Outstanding’ in all areas, and they could not have been more complimentary about the exceptional provision on offer across our through-school. Click below to read the full report.

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