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Admission & Transition

Admissions arrangements, previously managed by Education Leeds, are now provided by Leeds City Council through a new Children’s Services department. We welcome all prospective students and parents to visit the school by appointment, when a tour of the school can easily be arranged.

Each school has a page of information including contact info, link to maps, 3 years of admissions data, transport information and links to your website and admissions policy.

How Places Are Allocated

The Local Authority policy for admission to Leeds schools is set out below. These criteria are designed to accommodate a parental preference-led system and to give as many people as possible a place for their child at a preferred school. Roundhay has an admission limit for 300 for each year group (250 for the current Year 9-11 cohort) and this limit will be exceeded only to allow the admission of brothers and sisters of pupils who move into Leeds, or at the discretion of the Local Education Authority. An appeal process is operated by Leeds City Council. We strongly recommend that you place Roundhay as your first choice if you wish your child to have the best opportunity of gaining a place.


  • Children who have an Education Health and Care Place (EHCP) saying they are in need of an educational placement at Roundhay
  • Children wishing to join older brothers and sisters who will be in attendance at Roundhay when the younger child enters
  • Remaining places will be offered on the basis of the parental preference, so long as there are sufficient places to meet demand. Where there are more applicants than places remaining, these will be offered by the authority on a nearest-to-school basis, as the crow flies.

The school received the following number of preferences for 2018/19:

  • First Preference – 589
  • Second Preference – 424
  • Third Preference – 316
  • Fourth Preference- 159
  • Fifth Preference – 80
  • Sixth Preference – 7

Where parental preference cannot be met, then the authority will seek to guarantee a place for a child at the school with available places nearest to the home address.


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