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“We are Responsible - We are Resilient - We are Ready to Learn - We are Roundhay

These are Roundhay’s values and ones that we want our pupils to live by, both inside and outside of school. It embodies our belief that all pupils have a responsibility for themselves and others and should always be kind, polite and well-mannered. It encourages us to not let anything stand in the way of achieving what we are capable of, being determined to succeed and accepting that mistakes are an important part of learning. We want pupils to work hard and challenge themselves to keep improving; to understand that they are responsible for their own personal and academic success.

We are proud of our examination success, our 2019 Progress 8 score (+ 0.51) places us in the top 12% of schools nationally. Equally, our pupils annually raise hundreds of pounds for charity, involve themselves in the local community and take part in a huge array of extra-curricular events and activities throughout the school year.

Roundhay School is a member of the Red Kite Teaching School Alliance, a partnership of Yorkshire schools who have come together to share skills and experience to help improve the learning and achievement of young people. When we invited Red Kite reviewers to Roundhay last year they commented, “There is an absolute belief that the school can remove real and potential barriers to a pupil’s learning experience for the better. The clarity and intent that surrounds the school’s working ethos and vision for all its pupils is of an outstanding quality and is the manifestation of well-established and strongly embedded working approaches that have built up over a number of years. It is real, tangible and impressive.”

In January 2020, Roundhay was awarded ‘World Class status’, something that we are exceptionally proud to be recognised as. This organisation awards a quality mark to non-selective state schools that offer the best education in the UK and there will only ever be one hundred schools in the country that hold this award. One of the unique features of the 'World Class Schools' Quality Mark assessment descriptors is that they apply to the pupils, not the school, ‘it is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly ‘World Class’ then the pupils will be able to own and demonstrate ‘World Class’ qualities.’

Roundhay is ‘World Class’ because of the work we do together. Parents, pupils, staff and everyone connected with Roundhay all play their part in making this school what it is - ‘We are Roundhay’.

If you would like to come and pay us a visit, please make contact at - we would be delighted to show you around.”

Jenny Hogarth
Jenny Hogarth Head of Secondary

Thank you to our Roundhay family - you’ve all been phenomenal!

Not sure what “normal” is anymore. Another week that certainly hasn’t been normal! Our pupils have shown real maturity; our community have been patient & supportive; our staff just #amazing. Proud really doesn’t cut it. “We are Roundhay”now more than ever #doesnthappeneverywhere

RT @RoundhayHead: If your child has a catering exam, please send them into school as planned.

RT @RoundhayHead: Secondary campus: Due to weather we are delaying opening until at least 10:30 but keeping under review to check accuracy…

This applies to our secondary campus...

Any live lessons due to take place periods 1/2 have been cancelled, and teachers will contact you via emails/Teams to provide work where a lesson was due to take place.

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