Early Closure Friday 22nd September - The Secondary Campus will be closing for all KS3, 4 and 5 pupils on Friday 22nd September at 12.10pm for Open Day preparations.

24 January 2017

Read Our New FORS Newsletter

We hope that you enjoy Edition 1 of our new FORS Newsletter, included are useful dates of events, more about the Craft Fair and other fundraising activities as well as more about how we are spending money to support our school.

Read FORS Newsletter Edition 1 Here

We are keen to make information about our PSA (Parent Staff Association) easier to access and hope that our new email fors@roundhayschool.com will make us easier to contact. If you have suggestions, offers of help or just want to ask a question please to get in contact.

 FORS will also be tweeting, you can follow us on @RSch_FORS for updates and information about events and ways to get involved.

We keep our FORS page up to date on the school website.  You can also update your details using our online form as well Click Here.

If you want to catch someone in person:  

At the Primary Campus : Rachel Archbold is our Parent  Liaison (Primary Parent and TA) and Mr White is our Teaching Committee Member (Year 4 Teacher)

At the Secondary Campus : Nazia Ansari is our Parent Liaison (Secondary Parent and staff member in the LRC) Tina Parson is our Teaching Committee Member ( Assistant Headteacher KS3 ).


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