Talk Time at Roundhay School

Talk Time at Roundhay School is an opportunity for children to develop effective habits of thinking. We are providing children with the resourcefulness needed to be emotionally fit and ready for their future. Talk Time is a tool that will enable all children to take part in discussions that will get them thinking about the world around them, and in turn develop their oracy and ability to talk confidently, appropriately and sensitively. We want to give children the freedom and confidence to have their voices heard and their imagination’s stretched.

Children will be engaged in conversations guided by themselves about big ideas. Placing an importance on thinking as a means of developing learning will allow more children to access more areas of the curriculum. By designating a space for children to think and question they will be able to develop relationships built on trust and communication with their peers.

At Roundhay School, we understand that the size of a child's spoken vocabulary impacts on the ease and speed with which they learn – “All learning floats on a sea of talk.”


Talk Time at Roundhay School

Oracy - What does it mean?