We are fully committed to an inclusive education. We believe that all children, whatever their needs, should receive the best possible education. We work hard to ensure  that our culture and climate in school allows all children to 'be the best that they can be.' We are proud of our diversity and work relentlessly to ensure that all of our children are happy, safe and well supported in school. Over the last 12 months, we have worked hard to improve our special educational needs offer and continue to make further improvements as we strive for excelllence  in all areas of school life. At the heart of our work is to build and sustain great relationships with pupils and adults in school and embed a culture of tolerance, respect and understanding so that all pupils are able to be the best versions of themselves. 

All staff are trained and up to date with the requirements of the code of practice, and our provision and planning means that we are now in a position to really demonstrate the impact of our graduated response through the assess, plan, do, review proces. 

Our main improvements can be seen in the consistent, whole school quality, first teaching offer in every classroom. Over the last 12 months, we have designed and implemented consistent approaches to curriculum delivery and the craft of teaching. As a staff team, we work hard to build familiar routines, lesson mechanics and learning journey's which children respond brilliantly to. Our curriculum is built on the firm foundatons of mastery and progression with a real attention to detail to how children learn well and build their key skills. We refer to this as our unniversal offer for all pupils (wave 1). This includes our bespoke curriculum which focuses on: talk, language development, physical activity, creative and peforming arts, IT and key skills in science, history, geography,  languages and music. 

For children who are working slighly below age-related expectations, and therefore identified for our wave 2 provision, have access to our pre-teaching and same say intervention curriculum model. We work hard to ensure that all pupils strive to achieve age-related  expectations and do whatever it takes to ensure that pupils 'catch up and  keep up.' This includes our early bird offer, taregtted support in our Roundabout provision, check ins and interventions with our new pastoral team, 1:1 read, write, inc. support, THRIVE group work, craft clubs, attendance and punctuality support and/or lunchtime provision and  support. All  interventions are specific and targetted using question level analysis from any formal assessments, regular, ongoing teacher assessment information which links to our point in  time assessments. We are proud of the progress that all pupils have made over  the last 12 months and we work hard to ensure all pupils achieve thier very best across the school. 

For pupils with specific educational needs recieve targetted support which covers four main areas of ageed need: cognition and learning, communication and interaction, physical and sensory needs and social, emtional, mental health. These pupils are carefully monitored as part of our SEN support register and have their own individual timetable for provision. We now have consistent records in place which demonstrate our assess, plan, do, review process and these are regularly updated and shared with parents at least three times a year. If your child has an agreed area of need, teachers create an individual provision map every 6 weeks to ensure that their provision and planning is specific, measurable, achievable and completed in a timely manner. We work hard to create excellent working relationships with parents and agreed communication protocols are agreed with parents so that they feel well informed about thier child's progress. We have a senior mental health specialist who supports our work in school and a pastoral team who deliver targetted support in line with our whole school  THRIVE approach. We also have a speech and language specialist from  Talking House who supports staff and pupils. We work closely with outside agencies in order to ensure that all  pupils are well supported and making progress. 

We also have children who have educational, health care plans which help to ensure that their needs are fully understood and met. We always strive to ensure that we work closely with other professionals and  families in order for all children to achieve their best whilst they are with us. 

Our Inclusion Team is made up of: Rebecca Hirst, the SENCO and Rachael Hewston, the Assistant SENCO, Mr Field, Assistant Headteacher for behaviour, welfare and safety, Phillipa Neill, our Pastoral Support Leader, Mr Parish, our Pastoral Support Worker and Miss McGowen our SEND specialist teaching assistant. Please see the link for more information about our Inclusion Team 2018. 

 Please find important information below:

 Local Offer

The local offer provides information on what services children, young people and their families can expect from a range of local agencies, including education, health and social care. Knowing what is out there gives you more choice and therefore more control over what support is right for your child.

 Information on the Local Offer for Leeds can be found here:

 Information on the North Yorkshire Local Offer can be found here:—local-offer






Please find below key documents which will give you more information about our whole school SEN offer: 



Graduated Response to Supporting Children 

Graduated Response to Supporting Children with SEND

Accessibility Policy

Good practice for students with SEND is good


Please visit these websites for more information about services available to you: