Geography is our driver for the Autumn 1 term.EE1LKWfXoAELAvF

Children learn the requirements of the National Curriculum in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills.  Teachers have based sequences of learning around these requirements to create exciting and meaningful units of learning, linked to our curriculum theme of Community and Identity and our core value of We Are Happy.


Children learn about the world around them, and they belong to many different communities from class and school level, to national and global levels.


year group learning

Each of the curriculum objectives from the National Curriculum provide the foundation for our unit plans.  These plans are designed to represent a flexible learning journey into which children's ideas and needs can be included as their learning progresses.  This means that whilst plans might change throughout the half term in response to the children, they will continue to be underpinned by rigour and high expectations.

Year 1 Geography Plan

Year 2 Geography Plan

Year 3 Geography Plan

Year 4 Geography Plan

Year 5 Geography Plan

Year 6 Geography Plan

Knowledge organisers

Children are given a knowledge organiser which includes all of the core knowledge they need to remember as they progress through school.  Children complete a blank version as they move through each unit.  Every Friday, we have a quick five question quiz, so that children have chance to recall the knowledge they have learned.

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 knowledge organiser

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser