In Reception, children embark on a journey of discovery and exploration. We create a happy and caring environment where all children feel valued and safe and where they will have the opportunity to develop positive relationships with all the adults and children within our setting. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a unique curriculum where children often initiate their own learning through play as well as engaging in planned topic led learning.Throughout the school day children will take part in whole class, small group and adult directed activities as well as having lots of time to access the provision independently.

The Reception environment is a holistic approach where we work as one unit. This means that children can freely access both classrooms, the studio, the outdoor classroom and the garden area. Within each area of learning children will be exposed to curriculum based skills through play. Each area will have a provocation, adult enhanced provision and materials to extend their learning, all running alongside our continuous provision.

As we teach children independence and structure our timetable will adapt across the year. Carpet inputs will get longer and group sizes will get bigger all to help prepare children for Year 1.

Curriculum Planning

Reception LTP 2019-20

EYFS Curriculum Overview

EYFS Early Learning Goals

EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning

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