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Uniform (Primary)

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We have the highest expectations for every child at Roundhay, and we work relentlessly to ensure the very best outcomes for all of our children. With this in mind, we would like to share with you our Uniform Policy so that expectations are clear for all of our children and families. It is very important to us to create a sense of pride within school and this starts with our Uniform Policy.

Our aim is to ensure that this policy provides a reasonable and sustainable approach to uniform as well as providing a shared identity and common sense of purpose here at Roundhay School. Our Governing Body has considered these factors when developing and reviewing our Uniform Policy:

  • Assessed the overall cost implications.
  • Assessed the impact variations our uniform can have.
  • Avoiding frequent changes.
  • Taken action to minimise any financial impact of any change on parents (such as allowing pupils to continue to wear the old uniform for a reasonable period).
  • Considered how costs affect different groups of pupils.
  • Considered how the cost of their uniform might affect each group represented at the school, especially children who belong to groups with a particular protected characteristic.
  • Engaged with parents and pupils – we plan to do more of this in 2022-23.
  • Avoid the need for additional uniform for extra-curricular activities.
  • Engaged with uniform suppliers.

With this mind, our agreed uniform and PE kit is compulsory and consists of:


  • Green sweatshirt/cardigan with the Roundhay logo.
  • White polo shirt.
  • Black trousers, skirt or pinafore/tunic dress.
  • Plain flat black shoes (no trainers, coloured soles, laces or designs).
  • White, black or grey socks or tights.


  • Black skirts, tailored shorts or trousers.
  • Green and white gingham dress.
  • White polo shirt.
  • Green jumper/cardigan with Roundhay logo.
  • Black shoes (no trainers, coloured soles, laces or designs).

PE and Games

  • Roundhay School PE top or plain black polo top (indoor).
  • Roundhay School black hoodie or plain black hoodie (outdoor).
  • Plain, black PE shorts (indoor) plain, black tracksuit bottoms (outdoor).
  • Trainers or black pumps (plimsolls). 

It is very important that PE items do not show any corporate branding (such as Adidas or Nike Logos). 

No jewellery (other than plain studs for pierced ears) or make-up is permitted. Sun hats or warm winter headgear may be worn and we recommend both as appropriate. Your child will NOT need a pencil case, school provide all necessary equipment. Long hair should be tied back using simple bobbles (green bobbles, small bows and simple headbands are acceptable). No patterns or designs should be shaved into hair. Children should not wear nail varnish in school. This will mean that every child will be expected to wear full uniform on a daily basis. Any child who does not arrive at school in this full uniform will be given spare school uniform to change into. If children arrive in trainers, they will be given black pumps to wear in school temporarily. Please ensure that all uniform, including coats, are clearly labelled. We encourage all of the children to take responsibility for their belongings, and we have worked hard this term to reduce the amount ‘lost property’ within school. We no longer have a lost property store in school as all labelled missing items will be returned to children. There is an outdoor lost property store at the front of school where any unlabelled items will be stored.

Roundhay School Uniform can be bought from :

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