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Roundabout (Wrap Around Care)

We are a fun, engaging and safe place for your child to interact with their peers and take part in a wide range of activities.

Staffed by an excellent Roundabout team as well as a number of school staff, we provided a number of familiar faces for your children during the day.

Roundabout is managed by:

Hayley Armes – Roundabout Manager

Charanjit Patel – Breakfast Club Play Leader

A Roundabout Leader is usually onsite so feel free to talk to us about any questions or concerns you have.

There are several sessions available at Roundabout to accommodate working parents and allow children to attend extracurricular activities within school.

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast club begins at 7.30am and we take the children up to class at 8.45am.  Children have breakfast available to them until 8.20am every morning.  The cost for to attend this session is £6 and parents can drop their children off at any time between 7.30am and 8.15am.

Afterschool Club

Our Afterschool club begins at 3.15pm, we collect the children from classes and provide them with a light snack when they arrive. We offer:

  • Full Afterschool Club (Pick up between 5pm and 6pm) – £12
  • Early Pick up (Pick up between 4.15pm and 4.30pm) – £6

Childcare Vouchers

We allow parents to pay for Roundabout using childcare vouchers. We accept the following providers, the codes needed are all provided. Childcare Voucher Codes:

  • Edenred – P20836671
  • Computershare – 0018676463
  • Kiddivouchers – 383/4063
  • Fideliti – ROU016C
  • Care4 – 57564520
  • Busy Bees – 108076

New Starters

For new children starting in September, please email with which sessions you would like and we will reserve a space for your child and send you an application form. Our application form is also available to view below. We endeavour to try and accept Ad-Hoc booking where possible, for these please email with the sessions you require and we will try to accommodate. We hope you choose Roundabout for your childcare needs. Please download our information booklet for all the information you need: For any issues relating to a change in collection or other problems DURING Roundabout hours (7.30-9.00/ 3.00-6.00) please contact the relevant Roundabout Manager on the Roundabout Mobile number – 07707579160.  For all queries please email:


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