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Additional Experiences

At Roundhay, we know that learning is not limited to the classroom and we pride ourselves on the additional opportunities and experiences that we offer all of our children in order to develop the whole child.

Our ‘Recognisibly Roundhay Experiences Journey’ details some of the key experiences that children will have the opportunity to take part in throughout their time at Roundhay School. Below are details of some of these additional experiences.


Community Cohesion

We take pride in being the centre of a diverse community. We teach the children the importance of taking care of our community and supporting each other. Below are just some of the opportunities and events which children take part in to support our local community.

  • Children take part in ‘The Big Clean Up’ in the Autumn term where each Year Group is responsible for tidying and cleaning an area of our community from the school groups to Roundhay Park.
  • Children in Year 2 sing at Oakwood Clocktower at Christmas each year as part of the celebration to turn on the Christmas lights.
  • Children write letters to local care homes and residents are invited to watch our Christmas and end of year productions.
  • Pupil Ambassadors visit residents in local care homes.

School Productions

Each year the children perform a production at Christmas and at the end of the school year. Our Christmas productions are:

  • Reception and Year 1 Nativity
  • Y2 performance at Oakwood Clocktower for the Big Christmas Light Switch On
  • KS2 production of a Christmas themed show

At the end of each year, Year 6 children perform a production of a musical.

Oracy Project

In the summer term, all children take part in an oracy project designed to improve oracy skills and provide an opportunity for children to present their skills to an audience. Examples of projects include:

  • The Big Bad Wolf’s trial
  • A speech about a current news event
  • A recital of a poem
  • A presentation on an subject of interest
  • A debate

Roundhay Radio

Children in Year 5 have an opportunity to create a radio show for Roundhay Radio. Children work in small groups to produce their radio show which can include interviews, music, quizzes and much more.


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