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Design Technology

In the first half of the Spring term, children develop their design and technology skills and understanding by developing a product linked to the theme of sustainability.  Children explore and analyse existing designs, develop their own ideas, conduct focused practical tasks to develop  their making skills, and then bring all of their learning to design and make a purposeful product.  Across their time at primary, children learn a range of skills linked to cutting and joining, as well as ambitious skills such as Batik.

Year 1: Hand Puppets

Year 2: T-shirts

Year 3: Photo frames

Year 4: Lamps

Year 5: Bags for Life

Year 6: Prototype ‘Clean’-energy vehicles

Children present their finished product in a DT Showcase involving members of the wider school community.

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Y13 results will be issued at 8.30am from the Clephan Hall

Y11 results will be issued at 9am from the Clephan Hall

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