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Every half term, children spend a full day developing their computing skills and understanding by working on a project relating to either computer science, digital literacy, or information technology. Children learn to use a range of devices such as laptops and iPads, and complete projects where they write algorithms, debug codes, present information, and much more. Our exciting computing curriculum teaches the key skills children need to apply in their finished outcomes, which relate to their learning across the curriculum. For example, Year 3 children learn how to use animation to model the water cycle.  Across the year, all children are taught the importance of e-safety, for which we spend an entire week focusing on safe usage of the internet and teach children how to stay safe online.

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Y13 results - Thursday 18 August - results will be issued at 8.30am from the Clephan Hall

Y11 results - Thursday 25 August - results will be issued at 9am from the Clephan Hall

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