6 July 2017

Politics Matters

Roundhay students attended a one-day Politics Matters competition in association with  Leeds Beckett University.

The day was delivered by University lecturers and supported by local councilors and a BBC journalist.  The main aim of the day was to explore the implications of the outcome of the General Election and present the information in an interesting format of their own choice.  It was run as a competition and Roundhay entered two Yr 10 teams compromising of six students per group.
The first group came first overall and was praised by the organisers for their analytical comments, detailed content and original presentation.  Ayesha Bennett presented as if she was commentating on a football match with Nigel Farage scoring for team Brexit, retiring at half time and then declaring he will be available for selection next season. 
The second group came third overall.  Zac Perell Williams presented the material with a small stand up routine analysing each political parties performance. A young Stewart Lee in the making!
Roundhay students were generally an enthusiastic left wing cohort and gave the conservative councilor “a grilling” over policy and specific issues close to their hearts. The councilor emailed Mrs Powley after to say he was impressed with the pupils and the intellectual debate that he had entered into.
Overall, a very successful day.
Mr D Bowman
History and Politics
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