Making the Most of Sixth Form Open Events
Sixth Form / Making the Most of Sixth Form Open Events

Making the Most of Sixth Form Open Events

Making the Most of Sixth Form Open Events

Attending a Sixth Form after Year 11 is a popular choice for young people wishing to continue their studies with A Levels or vocational qualifications. While Year 12 may seem a long way off now, many Sixth Forms hold their Open Events between October and January and expect students to make their applications during this period, too.

Therefore, it’s important to be prepared early. Decide which Open Events you want to attend and make a note of when they are. 

Choosing the right Sixth Form is an important decision which should be considered carefully. You should attend the Open Event of each Sixth Form that you’re considering and prepare to get as much information as possible from each one. 

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of each Sixth Form Open Event. 


  1. Ask Questions

Open Events exist so that prospective students can find out everything they want to know about their Sixth Form options before applying. So, you should make sure that you come away from each one with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision. 

Think about what you want to know beforehand and write down your questions so that you don’t miss anything important.  


  1. Talk to Current Students

Each Sixth Form will have current students helping at its Open Events, whether that’s by giving tours of the facilities or giving demonstrations of different subjects.  

Their experiences will be the most relevant to you, so make sure to talk to them and get their opinions. You might want to ask about the subjects they chose to study, the general atmosphere, or even the quality of the food served in the canteen. 


  1. Take Notes

It’s likely that you’ll be attending several Open Events in a short space of time during this time of year. While you may think you can remember everything without writing it down, it will become easy for information to become muddled or forgotten as you make your decision. 

Take a notebook with you to each Open Event, or even make notes on your phone. This will allow you to double-check information and refer back to your thoughts on the day. 


  1. Consider the Atmosphere

You will be spending a lot of time at your chosen Sixth Form at a really key point in your education. While you’re walking around, try to get a sense of what it would be like to be a student at each Sixth Form you visit. Are there plenty of spaces to study and relax? Do you feel at ease?  

While there are lots of important things to weigh up when choosing a Sixth Form, you can’t overlook your instincts. Often you will know quite quickly whether each Sixth Form is somewhere you can see yourself studying.  


  1. Think About the Practicalities

It can be quite easy to get swept up in the excitement if you visit a Sixth Form that you really like the feel of. However, it’s important to stop and factor in any practical or essential points in your decision-making. 

For example, you may love the common room in one of your options, but if it doesn’t offer the course that you want, it’s probably not going to be the right place for you. You might also want to think about other things such as transport options and how lessons are structured.  


You’re Ready! 

Don’t forget to attend the Roundhay Sixth Form Open Morning on Saturday 14th October 2023. Drop in any time between 9:00am and 12:30pm. 

Find out more about Roundhay Sixth Form.


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