Thank you to everyone who attended our Open Morning on Saturday 29th September. We really appreciate your understanding as we dealt with a medical emergency. Please refer to the statement from Mr Partington, in our Latest News section, for further information.

Values and Ethos

Our Aims & Values


Our mission statement, which forms the basis of our School Development Plan is to focus on courtesy, co-operation and commitment to make the school a safe and caring place of learning, in which all pupils receive an education that nurtures and develops them to become confident, aspiring individuals and successful, independent learners. 

We celebrate their achievements and challenge them to aim high and be the best they can be in all that they do. We help our pupils to achieve their potential and to take their place in society as healthy, resilient and responsible citizens, who have respect for themselves, one another and the wider community. 

We aim to:

  • encourage co-operation, a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, which will create a sense of respect for people of all backgrounds;
  • help all pupils acquire knowledge and skills, develop creativity and understand the technology of the world in which we live;
  • ensure pupils recognise and uphold certain basic values and standards, which will prepare them for our changing society;
  • provide pupils with knowledge of the community and the nation in which they live, so that they can develop a compassion for and an understanding of community, national and world problems;
  • promote the pursuit of individual and corporate excellence;
  • foster a love of learning.

‘There is no room for complacency anywhere in the school and both leaders and staff are unrelenting in their pursuit of excellence’ Ofsted

We recognise the importance of, and contribution to, all parts of the curriculum to a balanced education. At its core is an educational culture which is international, technological, enterprising and vocational, providing a range of opportunities for students, partner schools and the wider community. 

We hope to continue to create links for learners with local organisations, employers and the wider community in order to:

  • provide excellence for all;
  • raise standards for all learners;
  • increase the innovative use of new technology to raise standards of teaching and learning across a distinctive curriculum;
  • develop and maintain active partnerships that strengthen both the 14-19 educational continuum and also secure life-long learning and employment opportunities in the wider community.