Workplace Visit - Capgemini and Dept of Work & Pensions

Fourteen Year 9 and 10 students were invited by Capgemini to the offices of the Dept. of Work & Pensions (DWP) in the centre of Leeds. Capgemini are a French company operating across 44 countries who provide consulting, technology & outsourcing services to many well-known companies. Their portfolio includes Ikea, Lego, NHS, Unilever and of course, DWP.

 Students learnt about what each business does before embarking on the ever popular marshmallow & spaghetti tower - a teambuilding task that is used in DWP's assessment centres. The winning tower was an impressive 59cm high! It was explained that younger children perform best at this task as they are creative and their ideas are not restricted.

We listened to two apprentices talk about why they chose that particular path, what the benefits are and the advantages over the traditional university route. Abi explained that her 4½ year Business Leadership apprenticeship scheme would earn her a degree in "Computer Science & Business Admin", no university debt and a guaranteed job in a fast-paced company that had already promoted her four times in three years.

After lunch and listening to various employees talk about their specific roles, the students split into two groups to do some User Research. Their brief was to understand the perceptions of Facebook & Instagram and determine what makes them effective. Luca did a fantastic job of leading the questions and presenting the teams idea for a school-orientated social media platform for Roundhay students. Brannoc explained how his team evaluated the research by grouping positive and negative view-points together to come up with some common ideas.

Many thanks to both Capgemini and DWP for inviting us into their business and spending the whole day educating us on the digital sector. Our students were congratulated on their behaviour and attentiveness throughout the session.



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