Lord Winston Talk at GSAL

Professor Robert Winston Tells Students to Use Science Wisely

A small group of Year 12 students were invited to GSAL to hear Professor Robert Winston talk about the potential for science to be used or abused.

Lord Winston, Professor of Science and Society at Imperial College London, pioneered new treatments to improve in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and pre-implantation diagnosis.

His talk to students from across the city region began with a history lesson which included some shocking examples of how science had been misused to reinforce prejudice and deny people their rights to have children and, in extreme cases, their own rights to life.

He also spoke about the innovative work he has done with other scientists to improve fertility treatments and screen embryos which helped some parents carrying faulty genes to have healthy babies. This progress was made in the face of widespread political condemnation, but how seven million families around the world have had babies thanks to IVF.

“I come to schools because you are the future of our society”, said Lord Winston, “It’s important to understand your responsibility and the need for an ethical attitude to science. We should all understand science so that in a democratic society we can take wise decisions about how we use science”.

It was a very interesting and inspiring session.