Physical and Sensory Conditions
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Physical and Sensory Conditions

Some children and young people require special educational provision due to a disability that prevents or hinders them from using the educational facilities generally provided.

These difficulties can be age-related and may fluctuate over time. Many children and young people with vision impairment (VI), hearing impairment (HI) or a multi-sensory impairment (MSI) will require specialist support and/or equipment to access their learning, or habilitation support.

Children and young people with an MSI have a combination of vision and hearing difficulties. Information on how to provide services for deafblind children and young people is available through the Social Care for Deafblind Children and Adults guidance published by the Department of Health. You can head over to the References section under Chapter 6 for a link.

Finally, some children and young people with a physical disability (PD) require additional ongoing support and equipment to access all the opportunities available to their peers.

Key Staff - Physical and/or Sensory

Steph Bowman Steph Bowman VI and DAHIT Coordinator
Janet Edgcumbe Janet Edgcumbe VI Modification


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