Subject Vision

The Sociology Department aims to give students an insight into how human behaviour is shaped by the societies we are nurtured in and interact with throughout our lives. Students will be exposed to classic and contemporary sociological research and theory, underpinned by conflicting philosophical approaches to how societies work and the influences they have on the individuals within them.



Apply their sociological knowledge, understanding and skills to develop an understanding of relationships and tension between social structures and individual agency within a UK and global context.

Critically analyse information and use evidence in order to make informed arguments, reach substantiated judgements and draw conclusions.

Use and apply their knowledge and understanding of how social structures and processes influence social control, power and inequality.

Use sociological theories to understand social issues, debates, social changes and continuities over time. 

Understand and evaluate sociological methodology and a range of research methods. 

Use sociological terminology appropriately and make connections between the key areas of subject content. 


A Level 

Acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of contemporary social processes and social changes. 

Appreciate the significance of theoretical and conceptual issues in sociological debate. 

Understand and evaluate sociological methodology and a range of research methods through active involvement in the research process. 

Develop skills that enable individuals to focus on their personal identity, roles and responsibilities within society. 

Develop a lifelong interest in social issues. 

Please see the curriculum INTENT below…

Sociology KS5 Curriculum Plan



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