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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

This is where the magic begins…

We hope this information is useful to support your child’s first year with us. Our aim is to ensure that your child gets off to the strongest start with a careful balance between academic challenge and support (learning and development) and a clear focus on developing your child’s personal, social and emotional development. We know that happy children make progress so we want your child to feel seen, valued and celebrated as their authentic, unique self as we develop positive relationships with them. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your child thrives in Reception as they learn and grow in our nurturing and inclusive unit this year.

Please see below key information about our EYFS unit and the ambitious curriculum we have refined over time…

Overview of EYFS

We have worked hard to carefully design a curriculum in Reception to ensure we teach what is developmentally possible whilst balancing what is developmentally appropriate for each unique child.

We work hard to ensure that the aims of the EYFS are met to ensure your child has the strongest start with us. We have refined the content we teach and we sequence it carefully to ensure that all children make progress in the seven areas of learning, as well as secure the characteristics of effective learning. This ensures that all pupils make accelerated progress in Reception, as well as being prepared to access our KS1 curriculum when they move into Year 1. 


The content is taught in a logical progression balancing what is developmentally possible (no limits to their learning) versus what is developmentally appropriate so that all pupils can thrive in our unit. We teach core content systematically and effectively through our carefully designed timetable and structures so that it gives the children the strongest start.

One of our main goals in Reception is to ensure that your child makes a strong start learning to read and write. Using our phonics programme, Read. Write. Inc., we teach children systematically to read and write sounds and, over time, they learn to blend independently in order to read books with sounds they can read. We provide parent workshops on this to ensure that your child gets out of the reading gate as soon as possible…

Alongside this, we focus heavily on children’s communication and language skills. We want every child to ‘find their voice’ in Reception and practice developing these skills with their key workers and peers to ensure they are confident at speaking and listening. Please find below some information of what is expected as your child moves throughout our school …



Our Curriculum

We have carefullly designed our EYFS Curriculum to ensure that we know exactly what is taught and when. Our INTENT sets the minimum expectations of what is developmentally possible for our children. This curriculum ensures that all children are given a strong start to their educational journey and this currculum helps to prepare them well for Year 1. Please find out more below…

EYFS Curriculum 




Please see our Welcome to Reception booklet for more information about life in Reception...

Please see below some photos of our unit in action...




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