2 February 2018

Harry Potter Night!

Harry Potter Book Night 

Over 50 students and staff joined us in the LRC recently for a night of fluffy, fanged and fearsome fun in celebration of Harry Potter Book Night. This year’s theme was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. After being sorted into houses, the teams went head-to-head for a test of their beastly knowledge. Despite some tough competition, Siyaam in year 8 helped Slytherin glide into first place with his impressive memory skills! After the quiz the houses battled it out to find 6 hidden books about magical creatures, using their library skills and a few clues. The final score was a tie between Gryffindor and Slytherin but Siyaam used his impressive knowledge again to beat Isabel at the last possible moment.

After the games we all enjoyed Harry Potter themed food and drink including colour changing potions, butterbeer, cucumber snakes, hufflepuffs, witches hats and magic wands! After the final scoring, Slytherin were announced as winners and all house members were presented with a golden snitch, a chocolate frog and some every flavour beans! There were also prizes for best fancy dress (Laura in year 7 who came as a werewolf – claws and all!) and best contributor to each team, as voted by their house.

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