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24 July 2017

Everybody Up, Everybody Jump!

Yet another step into the unknown for Roundhay Creative Arts with this year’s Key Stage 3 Musical – ‘Madagascar: A Musical Adventure Jr.’ – but one that paid off in a huge way

65 students, 17 songs, 27 hours of rehearsals – yes folks, that’s all it takes to stage our annual Key Stage 3 production.  This year’s production was DreamWorks’s ‘Madagascar: A Musical Adventure Jr.’ performed to both staff, their children, and parents of the cast on Friday 7th July 2017 at our secondary campus. 

Made famous by the DreamWorks animated film series, this musical was a brave decision as the music wasn’t well known, unlike ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’; but for those of you that were lucky enough to watch it, you will know that it was a decision well made.

This abridged version of the story follows our famous “zoosters”, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and those world-wise penguins on an adventure to an unknown land where they come across some unlikely hosts, King Julien and the Lemurs.  The musical is full of catchy songs, ballads and everybody’s favourite ‘I Like to Move It, Move It!’ which by the encore had parents, staff and children getting up to dance and to join the cast in finishing what was an outstanding musical performance. 

Amelia Brown, Year 9, who played ‘Mason’ in the production said:

‘Doing Madagascar has been so fun! It was a challenge putting the show together in the short amount of time but with the help of the teacher’s, and Year 10 students it turned out to be a brilliant show. Working towards that final performance in front of our families was amazing and that could never had happen without the staff, they made this possible! Well done to everyone involved it really was a fantastic experience to work with you and I can’t wait for the upcoming shows Roundhay are doing in the future.’

We asked some of the youngest members of our audience what they thought of the show and this is what they had to say:

“King Julien was hilarious, but the others all lifted their performances to his energy level.” Isaac said, "The best ever!"

Sophie Grace (4) said “It was brilliant!” and that she was so excited to have been talking to Alex and King Julien at “daddy’s work”.

“I loved Alex’s roaring!” – Alexander (6) and “I want to be King Julien!” – Nathan (4)

“When I grow up, I want to be the Zebra” – Lola (4)

It was clear from the reviews of the children, and the adults, that King Julien made a huge impression and left everyone with aching stomachs from all of the belly-laughing that happened.  This being said, the whole cast were amazing to work with and everyone put 100% in to their part and the performance as a whole.

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Details of our next whole school production, ‘School of Rock’ will be out in September.


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