COVID-19 Information SIXTH FORM

Dear Y12 and Y13 Students and Parents/Carers, 

We have been genuinely impressed by how well you have returned to school.   You have responded brilliantly to the new routines and expectations of remaining COVID safe.  Your support has been much appreciated at what is proving to be a challenging time.    

As the situation evolves so does the information that we need to communicate.  Please see the attached important information from Mr Partington, Headteacher that has been sent to parents of all students in the school:  

Important Information Letter to Parents-Carers - MPA 17 09 20

You will see that following discussions with the Health Protection Team students are now being strongly advised to wear a face mask when not in lessons (i.e. corridors and around school). 

For Year 12 students this also applies to our communal space in the Pavilion Study Zone, and for Year 13 students this is the Mansion.  We would therefore like to strongly encourage you to wear a face mask in this space.  Remember that we would also ask you to avoid gathering in large groups at break/lunchtimes.  You are now of an age where you are able to take responsibility and show consideration for those around you.  As older students we are able to monitor your contact in lessons but rely on your cooperation with COVID rules in your free time.  We would also be grateful if parents/carers would additionally discuss this with students. Thank you for your continued support. 

Y12 Return to School

Y13 return to school information