24 July 2017

Author Visit - Cathy Cassidy

We were delighted to welcome popular children's author Cathy Cassidy at the Secondary Campus. 

Meeting Cathy Cassidy!!!

By Dee Mohamed.

When I met Cathy Cassidy, I was so excited! The thing is, I love her books so much! So ever since I saw the poster of her, I screamed with joy (in my head)!!!

I decided to buy her new book and get her to sign 6 of my other books by her (because I’m a massive fan)!

I couldn’t believe it when the day came, I was so excited! When she asked if she could sign my books I was so happy. She asked which books I liked and if I was excited (which I was)! When I told her I’m a massive fan and I loved her books, she said she likes me and I have an enthusiastic personality!!! I was so happy! The presentation went really well and I loved her talk about her new book! I also asked her a question which really helped me understand how she thought of the Chocolate Box Girls! It was great and I loved her book so much I read it in a few hours!!!

Cathy Cassidy is amazing.


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