7 February 2017

A Magical Harry Potter Book Night.

Over 50 students from year 7 to 6th form celebrated the professors of Hogwarts at this year's Harry Potter Book Night.

We met in the LRC after school on Thursday 2nd February for a magical extravaganza. Students were welcomed with a complimentary glow-in-the-dark wand pen before being sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.

We managed to resist the butterbeer and Honeydukes sweets for long enough to complete the house quiz, where teams were assisted by Mr Rawson, Ms King, Ms Turnbull and Mrs Snow to answer 5 rounds of (very difficult!) Hogwarts-themed questions. Hufflepuff took an early lead and finally it was time to tuck in to the delicious treats on offer, including magical colour-changing lemonade, cauldron cakes and an edible snake! After we'd refreshed ourselves the competitions continued with games of transfiguration (themed charades) and character dress up. 

After the games, thanks to Mr Rawson's glamorous makeover as Dolores Umbridge, Ravenclaw managed to soar into the lead with over 1000 points! Luckily, there were prizes for everyone - including chocolate snitches, chocolate frogs and every flavour beans. 

 Thank you to eveyone who came and made the event such fun. 

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